Concrete Division Manager

Concrete Division Manager
Magna Mechanical - Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
Top pay for top experience!
Magna Mechanical is the premier mechanical contractor for customers that prioritize quality and safety. The most critical factor in our success is the performance of our field employees. Magna Mechanical believes in building a talented core group of employees with low turnover by hiring employees that have enough vision to prioritize stability, fulfillment, happiness, and long-term financial goals over short term financial gains. We prioritize safety, high quality products, and customer relationships over profits.

  • Magna Mechanical is seeking a dedicated & driven concrete construction professional to plan & execute commercial and industrial projects. Looking for a Concrete Division Manager that will be responsible for building a concrete division from the ground up. This team will be responsible for concrete slabs, footings, block, brick, and structural concrete. As a manager, you will be responsible for supervising and providing leadership to the concrete crew. This is a unique opportunity to build your own team from the ground up.
Job responsibilities include:
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience running your own team as an owner, project manager, division manager, operations manager, or general manager (or equivalent).
  • Proven experience in concrete slabs, footings, saw cutting, coring, and block work.
  • Must be able to accurately provide material and labor estimates.
  • The ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Must be detail oriented, have excellent interpersonal skills, problem solving abilities, and proven leadership skills.
  • The ability to handle multiple projects and tasks.
  • Must have a high understanding of construction methods, scheduling, and blueprint reading.
  • Participate in the business development process including client contacts, relationships, proposals, presentations, and negotiations for selected projects.
  • Establish and maintain professional working relationships with owners, architects, engineers, and subcontractors.   
  • Direct responsibility for project success, including safety, schedule, profitability, budget, and customer satisfaction.   
  • Participate in preparation and review of estimates with attention to the following: adherence to cost control system, equipment requirements and utilization, constructability, formwork, materials, manpower, general conditions, schedule, insurance, etc.  
  • Timely and accurate Subcontractor Purchasing. Buy the right subcontractor, for the right price, at the right time.     
  • Oversight of Quality Control.   
  • Ensure a clean and orderly jobsite is maintained.   
  • Supervise crew. Establish and communicate performance expectations, provide positive and constructive feedback, determine training and development needs, and conduct on-the-job training.
  • Close out projects in compliance with contract documents.     
  • Ability to work anywhere in Texas is a +
Competitive compensation is determined by skill level, experience, and attitude.
Career advancement is based on employee performance and career objectives.
Candidates must have a minimum of 10 years hands-on training and actual experience in the concrete industry. Candidates must have basic computer skills to operate MS Office, MS Word, MS Excel, general printing, etc.
Please call to schedule an interview or fill out an application online at
Magna Mechanical LLC.
103 Woolard Dr.
Alvarado, TX. 76009

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