SYTE Family Services Program Manager

Posted: 11/07/2021

Job Purpose and Essential Functions

The Youth Services Strengthening Youth Through Empowerment (SYTE) Family Services Program Manager provides systematic and ongoing planning, coordination, and supervision of assigned team staff. This individual is a member of management provides leadership and supervision for SYTE programs, projects, and services. This individual supervises and supports staff to provide individualized, trauma-informed, culturally, and linguistically competent services for youth, young adults, families, and caregivers. The Youth Services SYTE Family Services Program Manager ensures staff and program adherence to all agency and program policies, guidelines, procedures, and responsibilities.

A) Hire and supervise all team staff. Provide leadership and ensure professional accountability and productivity for staff.

  • Supervise team staff in assigned clinic(s) and community-based locations.
  • Monitor services for quality and clinical appropriateness.
  • Ensure that adequate staffing to meet established program objectives.
  • Assign and actively manages caseloads.
  • Make level of care recommendations and monitor authorizations per Texas Resiliency and Recovery (TRR) guidelines.
  • Monitor and maintain standards of care for clinical staff based on the TRR guidelines and performance contract guidelines.
  • Establish and maintain a team approach in treatment provision and meeting programmatic needs and demands.
  • Model behaviors that promote team-based services and treatment.
  • Encourage and participate in exchange of information on youth issues, crisis management, and problem resolution among staff.
  • Conduct staff meetings at intervals congruent to clinical needs of the team in order to disseminate information and provide consultation.
  • Assist in developing and modifying goals, policies, and procedures to meet specific needs of the team.
  • Ensure team is operating in compliance with community standards, billing requirements, and agency and program policies and procedures.
  • Ensure team is adequately staffed to handle all crises and urgent issues for assigned youth.
  • Provide individual consultation to each team staff person in order to identify barriers to services, provide case consultation, and assist with problem-solving related to clinical service.
  • Contribute to the development of performance standards for staff and monitor performance. Provide feedback and support to staff regarding level of performance. Identify and carry out corrective action as needed.
  • Complete performance appraisals for each staff person annually or as directed by agency and/or Director.

B) Oversee SYTE Family Services Program.

  • Supervise program specific staff and ensure all grant required direct-care services are being provided.
  • Coordinate grant-specific trainings of internal staff.
  • Create and maintain grant-specific reports.
  • Coordinate SYTE access to care for eligible youth, families, and caregivers.
  • Provide input and engage in problem solving with other team members.
  • Responsible notifying Director when revenues or expenses may not meet the approved budget and implementing assigned action plans.
  • Notify the Director of events that may negatively impact either revenue or expense within 48 hours of discovery.

C) Provide Coordination for Continuity of Care of Youth and Adult Services for Transition Age Youth.

  • Ensure care coordination and case management services for specialized Transition Age Youth (TAY) caseloads.
  • Lead treatment team meetings to staff cases and determine appropriateness for levels of care for both TAY and SYTE services.
  • Act as liaison between Youth and Adult services.

Our Benefits:

Our total rewards program offers benefits* to full time employees beginning 1st of the month following hire date including but not limited to:

  • Comprehensive healthcare options (Medical, Dental, and Vision)
  • Life insurance and additional supplemental accident and hospitalization plans
  • 401a match and 457 deferred compensation plans
  • Paid vacation and holidays; varied flexible work environment locations
  • Annual tuition reimbursement program
  • Student Loan Forgiveness
  • Professional development programs and training
  • And more…..

Insurance eligibility:

  • Full time employees begin 1st of the month following hire date
  • Market driven positions (full time or part time) begin immediately after hire date
  • Select part time market driven positions are eligible for most insurance plans
  • Substitute status jobs are not eligible for benefits

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