Teacher Pool 2023-2024 – Career & Technology Education (CTE) – Computer Science Pool (High School)

Posted: 06/18/2023

Teacher – Career & Technology Education (CTE) – Computer Science Pool 
 2023-2024 School Year

Reports to: Principal

Salary: Teacher Salary Schedule
Duty Days: 187

Position Purpose

Delivers rigorous instruction to students in order to promote intellectual, social, and physical growth; ensures that regardless of socioeconomic factors every child is prepared for accelerated learning to compete in a global economy.  Provides standards-based, data-driven, differentiated instruction that engages students.  Creates a safe, supportive learning environment to maximize student learning.

Instructional Planning & Delivery
  • Teaches knowledge and skill concepts in accordance with the required Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, District curricula, and industry standards.
  • Designs clear, well organized, sequential lessons that build on students’ prior knowledge; provides opportunities for enrichment as well as differentiations and project-based learning to provide for collaboration, creative thinking, and extended interaction among students.
  • Creates developmentally appropriate, standards-driven lessons that reflect evidence-based best practices.
  • Develops lessons to meet the needs of diverse learners, adapting methods as needed.
  • Communicates clearly and accurately; engages students in a manner that encourages students’ persistence and best efforts.
  • Promotes complex, higher-order thinking, leading class discussions and activities that provide opportunities for deeper learning.
  • Ensures student understanding by consistency monitoring, giving immediate feedback, and making lesson adjustments as appropriate.
  • Assesses and documents student mastery of curriculum objectives and student progress using frequent, appropriate, on-going, and multiple assessment tools; employs interventions and formal/informal assessment procedures, including standardized tests, formative assessments, performance tasks, enrichments, and observations.
  • Instructs students in the proper use and care of professional equipment, technology, and other professional materials.
  • Prepares students for industry certification exams within the program focus, in accordance with CTE guidelines.
Knowledge of Students & Student Learning
  • Reinforces and demonstrates the belief that all students have the potential to achieve at high levels; supports all students in their pursuit of social-emotional learning and academic success.
  • Acquires, analyzes, and uses background information (such as familial, cultural, educational, linguistic, and developmental characteristics) to engage students in the learning process.
  • Facilitates each student’s learning by employing evidence-based practices and concepts related to learning and social-emotional development.
Content Knowledge & Expertise
  • Understands the major concepts, key themes, multiple perspectives, assumptions, processes of inquiry, structure, and real-world applications of assigned grade-level and subject-area content.
  • Designs and executes quality lessons that are consistent with the concepts of assigned discipline; aligns to state standards and demonstrates content expertise.
  • Demonstrates content-specific pedagogy that meets the needs of diverse learners using engaging instructional materials to connect prior content knowledge to new learning.
Learning Environment
  • Creates a mutually respectful, collaborative, and safe community of learners by using knowledge of students’ development and backgrounds.
  • Establishes, implements, and communicates consistent routines for effective classroom management, including clear expectations for student behavior.
  • Leads and maintains the classroom where students are actively engaged in learning as indicated by their level of motivation and on-task behavior.
  • Executes and continues appropriate student-centered discipline techniques and effective classroom management strategies to maximize student learning and time-on-task; ensures that student conduct conforms to the school’s standards and District’s policies.
  • Selects and requisitions appropriate books, instructional aids and other supplies and equipment; maintains inventory records and ensures equipment is in good working order.
Data-Driven Practice
  • Implements both formal and informal methods of measuring student progress.
  • Sets individual and group learning goals for students by using preliminary data; communicates these goals with students and families to ensure mutual understanding of expectations.
  • Collects, reviews, and analyzes stat to monitor student progress on a regular basis.
  • Accesses collected data to analyze and inform instructional strategies; adjusts short- and long-term plans accordingly.
  • Administers and proctors pertinent course assessments as well as industry certification exams specific to the program focus in accordance with FWISD CTE policies.
Professional Practices & Responsibilities
  • Serves as an advisor of a co-curricular Career & Technical Student Organization (CTSO) and involves students with professional associations affiliated with their career pathway.
  • Ensures students understand the requirements of future coursework and the procedures for earning and maintaining industry certifications post-graduation; confirms students have knowledge of the rules and regulations of the classroom, school, college, industry, and accrediting agencies.
  • Monitors classroom and online instruction, activities, grades and projects.
  • Reflects on teaching practice to improve instructional effectiveness; engages in continuous professional learning to gain knowledge/skills to refine professional judgment.
  • Collaborates with colleagues and exhibits self-awareness in interpersonal interactions.
  • Invites constructive feedback from peers and administrators.
  • Seeks out opportunities to lead students, other educators, and community members within and beyond the classroom.
  • Models ethical and respectful behavior; demonstrates integrity in all situations.
  • Remains current on state and industry requirements/standards; updates all stakeholders of changes.
Shared Responsibilities
  • Upholds accurate and efficient record-keeping of official attendance records, grade reports, student files, documentation of state and local assessment preparation, travel paperwork and work-based learning documentation, and other appropriate documents.
  • Engages parents and families in the academic and behavioral progress of their child by initiating parent conferences and providing opportunities for parents to continually support student learning and school programs.
  • Participates in faculty and committee meetings, as well as, school events during and outside regular school hours as required.
  • Works with counselors and students to verify that schedules, 6-year plans, and portfolios are updated and accurate to ensure students are on track to meeting goals and graduation requirements.
  • Performs preventive maintenance on tools and equipment and ensures equipment is in safe operating condition.
  • Follows established safety procedures and techniques to perform job duties including lifting and climbing, drills and lockdowns; operates tools and equipment according to established safety procedures.
  • Corrects unsafe conditions in work area and promptly reports any conditions that are not immediately correctable to supervisor.
  • Observes student behavior outside the classroom at designated times, between classes, and at assigned duty stations; takes necessary action when appropriate.
Personal Work Relationships
  • All Fort Worth ISD employees must maintain a commitment to the District’s mission, vision, and strategic goals.
  • Exhibits high professionalism, standards of conduct and work ethic.
  • Demonstrates high quality customer service; builds rapport/relationship with the consumer.
  • Demonstrates cultural competence in interactions with others; is respectful of co-workers; communicates and acts as a team player; promotes teamwork; responds and acts appropriately in confrontational situations.
Other Duties as Assigned
  • Performs all job-related duties as assigned and in accordance with Board rules, policies and regulations.  All employees are expected to comply with lawful directives in rare situations driven by need where a team effort is required.
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
  • Knowledge of federal and state laws and guidelines, and District policies and procedures regarding education and students.
  • Knowledge of current CTE teaching methods and educational pedagogy, as well as differentiation of instruction based upon student learning styles.
  • Knowledge of assigned content facts, concepts, theories, and principles that are being taught, as well as industry standards that lead to licensure for careers or post-secondary professions.
  • Knowledge of data information systems, data analysis, and the formulation of action plans.
  • Knowledge of how to actively advise and effectively prepare students for participation in a Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO).
  • Knowledge of equipment and software programs used within the field.
  • Skill in planning and providing professional learning; lesson planning with multiple teachers.
  • Skill in talking to others to convey information effectively.
  • Ability to provide information and assist office personnel, parents, and students related to District programs and activities.
  • Ability to organize and coordinate work, and work effectively in collaborative teams.
  • Ability to effectively conference with teachers, parents, and students.
  • Ability to establish and maintain community relationships to help improve programs and secure employment for students.
  • Ability to use software to access databases, email, create spreadsheets, and do word processing.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both oral and written forms.
  • Ability to engage in self-evaluation with regard to performance and professional growth.
  • Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with others contacted in the course of work.
Travel Requirements
  • Travels to school district buildings and professional meetings as required.
  • Travels to student workplace, industry partnership locations, professional development, industry competitions, skill training, and/or possible vendor locations as needed.
Physical & Mental Demands, Work Hazards
  • Tools/Equipment Used:  Standard office equipment, including computer and peripherals; standard instructional equipment such as interactive teaching screens.
  • Posture:  Prolonged standing; frequent stooping, squatting, kneeling, bending, pushing/pulling, and twisting.
  • Motion:  Frequent repetitive hand motions, including keyboarding and use of mouse; frequent walking; occasional reaching.
  • Lifting:  Frequent light lifting and carrying (less than 15 pounds); occasionally up to 35 pounds; may lift and move textbooks, classroom tools, and lab equipment; additional requirements may apply in certain classroom/lab settings.
  • Vision:  Performs tasks requiring close vision.
  • Environment:  Works inside and occasionally outside; standard classroom/lab school building environment; frequent exposure to noise; frequent talking and listening; may require occasional irregular and/or prolonged hours.
  • Attendance:  Regular and punctual attendance at the worksite is required for this position.
  • Mental Demands:  Maintains emotional control under stress; works with frequent interruptions.
Minimum Required Qualifications
  • Education:
    • Bachelor’s degree from accredited college or university required;
    • Major in Education or a field related to subject being taught preferred.
  • Certification/License: 
Teaching Certification Required
  • Valid Texas Teaching Certification in Computer Science, Technology Applications, or Computer Information Systems;
  • Acceptance in an approved Alternative Certification Program (ACP) and have passed the required prerequisite examinations for subject area and grade-level;
Other Certification
  • Current Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) industry certification preferred.
  • Experience: 
    • Computer Programming experience preferred;
    • Teaching experience preferred;
    • Experience working with diverse student populations preferred. 
  • Additional Requirements: 
    • Operates program specific equipment in a lab setting;
    • Works in a standard classroom/lab school building, including lifting classroom tools and lab equipment.

This document is intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this job and is not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties that may be assigned or skills that may be required.

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