NPMHP Licensed Therapist (Psychologist, RN, LPC, LCSW, LMFT)

Posted: 09/19/2021

I) Job Purpose

To serve as a mental health and substance use resource for school districts located in the Region 11 Educational Service Center.  Position will work in collaboration with other LMHA’s including Denton County, Helen Farabee, Pecan Valley, and Texoma. The mental health professional will act as a resource for the service center and school district personnel by helping personnel gain awareness and better understanding of mental health and substance use disorders, helping personnel implement related initiatives, ensuring personnel are aware of best practices and available programs, and facilitating monthly training on mental health first aid, effects of grief and trauma including support for children with intellectual or developmental disabilities, and drug/alcohol prevention and intervention programs.  Provides services for youth and caregivers in a manner that is individualized, trauma-informed, culturally, and linguistically competent.

II) Essential Functions

A) Increase ESC and school personnel’s awareness and understanding of mental health and co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders

B) Build collaborative relationships with Region 11 district personnel and participating LMHA personnel

C) Assist personnel in the implementation of initiatives related to mental health or substance use

D) Ensure Region 11 district personnel are aware of identified best-practice programs and research based practices

E) Ensure Region 11 district personnel are aware of other public and private mental health and substance use programs

F) Facilitate Mental Health First Aid trainings

G) Facilitate trainings regarding:
1) The impact of grief and trauma
2) Special considerations in supporting children with intellectual or developmental disabilities who are impacted by grief or trauma
3) Prevention and intervention programs proven effective in helping students cope with pressures to:
4) Use alcohol, cigarettes or illicit drugs; or
5) Misuse prescription drugs

H) Thoroughly follows all agency and HHSC guidelines, policy and procedures in accordance with service delivery

I) Tracks and records activities and training and attendance

J) Complete and submit required reports per MHMR and HHSC in a timely manner

K) Persistently maintain a culturally competent and culturally sensitive environment in work locations for all youth and caregiver engagement at all times. Staff member is expected to behave in a culturally sensitive manner in all professional environments, regardless of location.

L) Work as a Member of Behavioral Health Team
1) Attend all scheduled staff meetings.
2) Provide input and engage in problem solving with other team members.
3) Serve on provider services/agency workgroups as agreed upon by Director.
4) Maintain positive, professional attitude in interactions with other team members 100% of the time.
5) Adopt trauma-informed practices into every level of operations and encounters through active involvement in the MHMR Tarrant Trauma-Informed Care transformation.

M) Complete and maintain all required training
1) Complete all agency-required training within first 60 days of hire.
2) Complete all required MHMR Tarrant training and maintain current training status.
3) Complete all required program-specific and role-specific training and maintain current training status.
4) Complete training updates as specified under agency procedures and maintains current status.
5) Obtain prior authorization from Director for special training at least two weeks in advance

N) Performance standards are performed as applicable with MHMR’s We CARE values
1) We Connect People in Our Community. 
2) We Provide Access to Services.
3) We Link People to Resources. 
4) We Empower People.

O) Exhibit a willingness to assume additional duties
1) Perform other job duties or responsibilities as requested or assigned.
2) Seek the guidance of Director or appointed expert when needing assistance with an unfamiliar assignment.
3) Proactively identify beneficial resources and trainings to enhance leadership abilities and personal growth.

III) Knowledge of Laws, Regulations, Policies/Procedures, Skills, and Abilities

  • Demonstrate effective organizational, time management, and communication skills
  • Self-motivated and self-directed, demonstrating the ability to work autonomously
  • Ability to engage individuals in services, while maintaining appropriate professional boundaries
  • Ability to work in a non-judgmental manner with individuals and coworkers whose belief systems may be based on values different from those of the employee
  • Articulate clearly and concisely both in verbal and written modes
  • Ability to work as a member of a multidisciplinary treatment team
  • Ability to accept direction and make constructive use of professional and clinical supervision
  • Ability to apply DSM-V and ICD-10 diagnostic criteria to special populations
  • Adhere to code of ethics for licensure and credentialing
  • Knowledge of laws, regulations and policies/procedures including (but not limited to):
  1. MHMR Tarrant Standards, Policies, and Procedures
  2. Federal and State privacy laws including HIPAA
  3. Contracts and grants for funded-programs
  4. Texas Department of Criminal Justice
  5. Texas Department of Criminal Justice TCOOMMI Standards, Requirements, and Procedures
  6. Tarrant County and Local Criminal Justice Divisions, Programs, and Services
  7. Texas Department of Labor Regulations
  8. Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS)
  9. Texas Health and Human Services (HHSC)
  10. Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (TCADA)
  11. Tarrant County Medical Education and Research Foundation (TCMERF)
  12. Texas Laws Related to Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities
  13. Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS)
  14. Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
  15. Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) Standards
  16. Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Standards (DFPS)
  17. Texas Administrative Code (TAC)
  18. National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Standards
  19. Home and Community-based Services (HSC) Guidelines
  20. Medicaid Rehabilitative Services Rules/Regulations
  21. Third Party Payer Requirements and Procedures
  22. Life Safety Codes
  23. Emergency Preparedness and All Hazard Plan including: Agency, Local, State, and Federal
  24. Community Standards
  25. DSM-V and ICD-10
  26. Strong public speaking and communication capabilities
  27. Able to multi-task well
  28. Networking and relationship building history
  29. Experience with school districts’ systems and policies
  30. Productive team member and when working independently
  31. Knowledge about mental health and substance use intervention and recovery
  32. Knowledge in trauma related intervention and services

IV) Internal & External Customer Service

This position requires extensive internal and external contacts with individuals served, family members, significant others, inter- and intra-agency staff, service providers, and practitioners.  The employee will accomplish this with exceptional written and verbal skills. Contacts may include, but not limited to, answering phone calls and emails within one business day and conducting self professionally in all interactions.

V) Travel

This position requires transporting clients and driving between locations as an essential function of work. Employees are required to have a license in good standing and be able to be covered by agency liability insurance. If personal vehicle is utilized for work travel, then maintaining personal auto insurance coverage is required.

Minimum Requirements

Required Education

Master’s degree or higher

Defined Education

Behavioral Health or Psychiatric Nursing


Bilingual – Spanish fluency; Two years, post-license experience in working with children and/or adolescents in a school setting preferred



Required Years’ Experience

None required (see preferences)


  • Psychologist licensed to practice in this state and designated as a health-service provider
  • Registered nurse with a master's or doctoral degree in psychiatric nursing
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) licensed to practice in Texas; or
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) licensed to practice in Texas
  • Valid TX Driver's License with an acceptable driving record

Supervisory Experience


Testing Requirements

Pre-employment tests including drug and TB Screening, Physical Exam including balance and lift test.

Satori Alternatives to Managing Aggression (SAMA) All 3

Lifting Requirements

45 Pounds

Our Benefits:

Our total rewards program offers benefits* to full time employees beginning 1st of the month following hire date including but not limited to:

• Comprehensive healthcare options (Medical, Dental, and Vision)

• Life insurance and additional supplemental accident and hospitalization plans

• 401a match and 457 deferred compensation plans

• Paid vacation and holidays; varied flexible work environment locations

• Annual tuition reimbursement program

• Student Loan Forgiveness

• Professional development programs and training

• And more…..

Insurance eligibility:

• Full time employees begin 1st of the month following hire date

• Market driven positions (full time or part time) begin immediately after hire date

• Select part time market driven positions are eligible for most insurance plans

• Substitute status jobs are not eligible for benefits

For more information, click here.

Additional Information

*MHMR of Tarrant County (“MHMR”) and its affiliates and subsidiaries have an internal recruiting department. MHMR may supplement that internal capability from time to time with assistance from temporary staffing agencies, placement services, and professional recruiters herein after referred to collectively as “Recruiters"). Recruiters are hereby specifically directed NOT to contact MHMR employees directly in an attempt to present candidates – MHMR recruiting team or other authorized MHMR personnel must present ALL candidates to hiring managers. For more information please visit our website

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