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Fred's Texas North

  • Restaurants
2730 Western Center Blvd
Suite 400
Fort Worth, TX 76131-4303
(817) 232-0111
  • About

    Let the OUTLAW CHEF cater your next party for a dining experience, unmatched, anywhere, at any price. TERRY CHANDLER, chef and owner of the famous FRED'S TEXAS CAFE in Ft. Worth, Texas, cooks outside, on site, over a live fire, with cowboy gear, or, ranch style gourmet food for parties of any size, in your home. He brings a unique Texas experience, based upon his vast repertoire of cooking skills, and delivers a unique gastronomic experience to your guests.

    TERRY will also work with hunters and fishermen at camp sites all over the country. On these trips, the OUTLAW CHEF can provide breakfast and lunch service for your guests, as well as dinner. No party is too big or small, and no location is too remote. He can get to any site, regardless of the terrain.

    The OUTLAW CHEF has a Period Chuck Wagon for a true cowboy on the trail dining experience. (Some remote locations will require an additional charge).