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Fort Worth Chamber

Fab Now Conference & Expo

January 13, 2017
Makers Gather in Fort Worth Again for FAB Now 2017 As educators, librarians, entrepreneurs, artists, engineers and scientists embrace the maker movement and create makerspaces in diverse settings, Tarrant County College and Fort Worth are squarely in the middle of making.

FORT WORTH, Texas – January 12, 2017 – Since the first maker faire at the White House two years ago, increasing focus by STEM/STEAM educators and innovative libraries, those re-tooling the workforce, and strategic economic developers all contribute to enabling personalized production throughout the region and beyond.
    FAB Now 2017 (February 17-19, hosted by Tarrant County College, Trinity River Campus) once again creates a cross-disciplinary, collaborative environment for teachers, other community educators, craftspeople and small business developers to hear about and experience demos and hands-on activities that bring together 3D printing, computer numerically controlled production resources, art and design for creative expression and community-oriented problem solving.
    “Exciting the imagination of inventors, designers, artists and students, and providing them with tools and fabrication resources and methods they may not routinely have access to is central to the maker movement and the culture of makerspaces,” said Len Avecilla, a lead organizer of FAB Now and The Texas MAKERS Guild initiative. Dr. Scott Robinson, Dean of Humanities at Tarrant County College, Trinity River Campus added “The creative genius inspired by collaboration amongst diverse specialists in technology and production, artists, designers, hobbyists and tinkerers emerges when experiences like FAB Now bring these varied thinkers together for networking and sharing.”     Learning by building, hands-on and project based activity all support the creative problem solving, communication and collaboration skills that we strive to impart in classrooms in K-12 through the capstone projects of college engineering majors. The maker movement and events like FAB Now associate teachers and librarians with community engineers, artisans, and craftspersons that bring practical and engaging knowledge and experiences to diverse educational settings.
    The Conference features presenters from throughout the region, as well as live streamed presentations from elsewhere in the country. On Saturday (2/18), The EXPO @ FAB Now focuses on “Students MAKE,” showcasing the creativity of student makers from K-12 through college. On Sunday (2/19), FAB Now highlights “Making Together – Creative Making for Families.” We are pleased to again have the participation of local area Museums, including the Perot Museum’s Tech Truck.
    The Texas MAKERS Guild will form a nexus for makers with diverse backgrounds, passions and projects to network, collaborate, and share the very best of local making.
Len Avecilla