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Finley Resources


Oil & Gas Exploration & DevelopmentOil Field ServiceReal Estate Dev. & InvestmentRanching & Livestock Production

About Us

Finley Resources, established in 1997, owns, manages and develops over 3,000 oil and gas properties in eight states. Our primary focus is on acquisition and development with a growing commitment to drilling programs.

Our organizational structure is lean and efficient, empowering decision-making throughout all levels of the company. We employ a talented and dedicated staff that brings innovative ideas to our environment daily and we support employee decisions to further enhance their decision-making ability.

Our talented and educated staff manages our assets on a generational timeline to maximize value over their productive life without regard to short-term earnings or reporting.

We acquire skill sets and seek out employees who enable us to participate in the sea of change affecting America's energy independence, from horizontal drilling to multi-stage fracking to enhanced recovery techniques.

Our success is further supported by our innovative production staff that has a proven track record of operating safely and efficiently while protecting our environment for the future.