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Fort Worth Report is a nonprofit digital news organization that launched in 2021 to provide factual, non-partisan coverage of core community issues across Fort Worth and Tarrant County. Our areas of concentration include city and county government, business, healthcare, K-12 education and arts and culture.

Although we post stories daily, we focus on thoughtful, deeper reporting that provides context and solutions, rather than quick hits. We believe strong factual reporting helps hold government officials accountable, strengthens communities and helps residents become more informed and more engaged citizens.

Readers can access our reporting for free at our website,, or sign up for a free daily newsletter that delivers headlines in their inbox every weekday morning. As a nonprofit 501c3, we are supported by the community, through tax-deductible donations from individuals, foundations, businesses, organizations and other entities.

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Release Date: November 28, 2022


Make Your Voice Heard: Help Shape Tarrant County
  • Fort Worth Report and TCU hold a listening session to connect community members with city leaders.
  • Friday Jan 13, 2023
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