Imperative Information Group


Human Resources Consultants

About Us

Imperative delivers background investigations, drug screening, and other services focused on helping small and midsize companies (200-1,00 employees) make confident hiring decisions.

Employers turn to Imperative when:

- They are cleaning up - or want to avoid - the mess of a bad hiring decision based upon incomplete information.

- The process of ordering background checks takes too much time and effort from their staff.

- Frustrated by confusing reports full of abbreviations and court jargon that create more questions than they answer.

- Hiring decisions are delayed by background checks that take too long to complete.

- Tired of having to follow up or do their own research because of incomplete or unclear reports.

- Unable to get answers, or even a response, from the “customer support” line at their background screening partner.

- Uncertain that their screening process is legally compliant.

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