Key School and Training Center



About Us

Our mission
The Key Center for Learning Differences mission is to support students with learning differences through individualized instruction, training and advocacy.

About Our Program
One in five students has characteristics of dyslexia which makes learning to read, spell and write more difficult. Students with dyslexia learn best by a specialized multi-sensory approach. We positively impact the community through three programs that utilize this approach for these unique learners – Key School, Key Core Online, and Key School Academic Language Therapy (KSALT) Training & Preparation Program. Key School is designed for students in grades K-12 with learning differences in an academic school setting providing individualized instruction. Key Core online provides a healthy, virtual learning environment for students grades 3-8. KSALT offers in-depth multi-sensory structured training to educators throughout the community interested in working with children with dyslexia or related disorders.

Our History
Key Center began as the Key School in 1966 and has served over 8,000 children with learning differences such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. Initially established as a summer program by Mary Ann Key and Mildred Gardner with support from Dr. J

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