Education Service Center Region 11


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ESC Region 11 is one of 20 education service centers established by the Texas State Legislature in 1967. As an intermediary educational agency, ESC Region 11 provides professional development, technical assistance and management of educational programs to 77 public school districts and 35 charter schools in a 10-county area in north central Texas. The Region 11 area includes 67,000 educators and more than 521,000 students. In an area covering 10 counties of North Texas, Region 11 services an area equal to the state of New Jersey in size. School districts in this region range in size from Fort Worth Independent School District's large metropolitan schools to small rural districts with only one building housing a total of 80 students for grades K-9. The Service Center is centrally located in Fort Worth, Texas, just north of downtown at I35 and 28th Street.

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