Member-to-Member Discount

Offer Valid: 08/09/2019 - 09/30/2019
Do you know how safe your network really is?
Do you know how safe your network really is?  Threats lurk everywhere, and it’s difficult for you to block potential attacks if you don't know about them.

Schedule your FREE METROGEEK Net Detective appointment today!  A METROGEEK Net Detective will come to your site and run our non-intrusive data collection tools on your server and workstations to determine the status of your network security.  After we process the data collected, we will schedule a follow up visit to review our findings with you.

Our proprietary Risk Scoring algorithm not only uncovers threats to the network but assigns them a Risk Score based on network impact.  The Risk Score allows us to develop and prioritize a plan for the remediation of individual issues

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