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Silver Leaf Cigar Lounge


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About Us

Whether you are celebrating a birth or celebrating a Tuesday we believe in one thing, no matter the reason the cigar itself is the occasion.

We start with inspection. How does it feel? Smell? Taste? What journey did it take before it came into our hands? Was it born, harvested and rolled in one country? Or did it start in another country and go through its long aging process somewhere else? Where and when did it meet the skilled hands of the cigar roller and was it blended with other exotic leaves to create the perfect flavor?

Once we have decided it is fit to smoke we grab our guillotine and chop off its head. Finally, we reach for a match, or any flame that will not ruin the flavor or aroma of the cigar, and we strike. We copiously light the end and we soak in the taste, smell, and sound of crackle filling the air. Then we look around and realize even strangers are friends amongst cigar smokers and for these moments we don't have a care in the world.

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