About Us

We are DispatchHealth. We can do anything you can in urgent care and more, and most of what you can do in the ER. We are available 365 days/year from 8am to 10pm. We cover most of the DFW area and are now in more than 20 major metropolitan areas in the United States. We take most commercial insurance, all Medicare (including supplements and Advantage Plans), and non-managed Medicaid. We bill as urgent care so look to see what your urgent care copay is. We have a low flat cash rate for cash patients! We work with all home health companies, communities and physicians and we will send the notes from our visit to our medical partners (including home health, physician and MPOA). When you call we send out either a Nurse Practitioner or Physician’s Assistant along with an EMT. All of our providers are licensed and board certified. We also have a doctor on call. We offer a moderately complex lab and we can test for many things including, but not limited to; flu, Covid-19, strep, UTI as well as chem-8. We can give IV fluids and run an EKG. We bring 7 kits in our cars and work to provide you exceptional care all from the comfort of your home.
DispatchHealth provides care for anyone who would like care in their home from the age of 3 months to end-of-life. Some of what we treat; diges

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