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Funky Picnic Brewery & Café


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About Us

Funky Picnic is ready to start a conversation with the community about craft beer! And because many great conversations begin around a table, we will have a full food menu to pair with our house-made brews. You may be wondering, ''But isn't beer sometimes called 'liquid bread'?'' You'd be right, but we also love sandwiches, and we hope you'll make yourself comfortable in our casual atmosphere of small tables and couches overlooking the brewhouse.

We see beer as a path to connection, creativity, and community. Funky Picnic will be one of the only places in Fort Worth where you will be able to learn about brewing over a casual meal, help our brewers come up with new ideas, and start up new conversations with friends and family over beer and sandwiches. Let us help you discover that there really is a craft beer for every taste!