Great Harvest Bread Co. Fort Worth



About Us

“Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods, and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts.” – James Beard, chef and food writer

We are an old-fashioned, from-scratch bakery, using only the freshest, finest ingredients and baking the way artisans have for ages.

Our wheat is grown on family-owned farms in the Golden Triangle region of Montana. We mill these wheat berries on-site to produce wholesome wheat flour with nothing added or removed. It is this nutrient-rich, whole grain base that gives each loaf a rich flavor and whole grain nutrition not possible with commercially produced or refined flour.

Our breads start with just FIVE pure and simple ingredients: fresh stone-ground flour, water, pure honey, yeast, and salt… that’s it!

What we don’t use in our bread is just as important. We don’t use additives, preservatives, chemicals or synthetic dough conditioners to improve the quality, speed up the bread making process, or shelf life of our product. And, most of our breads are baked without oils of any kind.

You’ll find other whole grains throughout our bakery as well. We use millet, barley, flax, rye, and oats in many of our breads and sweets.

Come in for a free slice of bread off o

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