Rivertree Academy



About Us

Rivertree Academy is a Christian independent school located in the Lake Como Community of Fort Worth, Texas. Rivertree Academy exists to serve Christ by educating his children. We believe that children of Rivertree will go on to be agents for change in their communities, and the best way to achieve that goal is to teach them to Learn, Love, Work, and Lead Well. Our students attend on scholarships, because of our many generous partners and donors who make this education possible!


School Accountant
Category: Non-Profit and Social Services
  #Duty / Responsibility (List of primary duties performed) FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING AND REPORTING:1Responsible for all aspects of maintaining and producing accurate and timely monthly financial statements and providing to the Head of School, Finance Committee, and Board of Directors; processing weekly payments to vendors, making weekly deposits (prepared by Director of Development), and reconciling ...read more
Contact: Dr. Justina Jenkins
Phone:(817) 420-9310
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