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Craftwork Coffee Co.


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About Us

We exist to bring people together. Craftwork Coffee Co is a specialty coffee shop and vibrant workspace thriving on the balance of the life and work of our community.

Why Coffee?
Simply put: diversity and energy. We love coffee's special talent for drawing people from all walks of life together. Whether you're stopping by for a quick boost before a long work day, studying for your next midterm, or meeting up with a new friend, Craftwork is here for you.

Workspace. Redefined.
People love working from coffee shops, and we can’t blame them. Life is better when you’re with others, and work is no exception. But when your surrounding environment is constantly changing, things can get pretty tricky.

There are times when you need more control.

It’s hard to have a private meeting with a client, give a group presentation, or print out this week’s sales report from your local coffee shop. (If you can, we applaud you.)

At Craftwork, you can have it all.

Community and professionalism - a space that can insulate rather than isolate.