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Engineer ROI


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About Us

An instant team

The most important decision that a business leader makes is ''Who gets to play on my team?'' Engineer ROI comes with a CTO and programmers that are 1) outstanding with their technical skills and 2) team players. Engineer ROI has already made the critical hiring decisions to ensure that Engineer ROI plugs into your company smoothly and easily.

100% ownership of code and IP

Hiring a US based company insures that your project falls under US law. Software development falls under the legal framework known as ''Work For Hire''. Your business retains total ownership over all of the source code, software and intellectual property associated with Engineer ROI's work for you.

No time commitments

Hire us for as long or as little as you like.

Add to your development team as needed - without hiring

Working on multiple projects means that Engineer ROI has a deep pool of talent to bring into and out of your project as needed.

Common programming technologies & industry standard tools

A common mistake in software engineering is allowing the programmers to use the tools that they're used to. But what if those tools are uncommon? All tools and programming languages used in your project