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About Us

e strive to instill confidence in each individual who walks into our doors and send them home feeling empowered and motivated. We believe that patients are best equipped to achieve a safe and healthy weight loss when under the care of a Bariatric Physician, and strive to be as readily available as possible for them every step of the way. We are not just a weight loss system, we are a partner in your weight loss journey.

The exclusive home of the patented medication and 3-Step Program: RM3®, Red Mountain Weight Loss® offers a unique array of services, products and programs that are designed to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The Red Mountain Way is the way we help our patients reach their weight loss goals — It’s a supportive and nurturing environment and defines the standard by which we measure ourselves. The Red Mountain Way is the essence of our aspiration to deliver the best possible patient care, combined with first-class customer service every single day.

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