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Resources Global Professionals (RGP)



About Us

RGP was founded in 1996 to help finance executives with operational needs and special projects created by workforce gaps. Our first-to-market, agile human capital model disrupted the professional services industry at a time when traditional talent models prevailed. Today’s new ecosystem for work embraces our founding principle – quickly align the right resource for the work at hand with a premium placed on value, efficiency and ease of use.

In today’s business environment, speed to market is imperative. We are the right human capital partner to deliver. The pronounced democratization of knowledge, combined with the shift from role-based to project-based work has created an unprecedented disruption in workforce strategy, and a demand for a sophisticated partner who can help you navigate the new reality. Tapping into our agile talent pool, we mobilize the right resource for the project at hand. Our pioneering approach to workforce strategy uniquely positions us to support you on your organization’s transformation journey.

The Future of Work starts here