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Technology Team LLC


Movers & Moving Equip & Supplies

About Us

Technology Team is an industry expert in relocating mission critical equipment with Minimal Downtime. We assist companies in assessing and coordinating seamless relocations for data centers through our proven methodologies. We have successfully relocated over $1 Billion dollars of technology equipment for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.
Our process works with your existing IT department to offer comprehensive logistics planning, management and execution of the move plan all while guaranteeing warranty integrity of your systems.
* We work closely with your IT department to understand and map the move systematically while planning for reconfiguring and system redundancies.
* We then use our proprietary system to move your data center, server rooms and advanced technology around your ongoing business to virtually eliminate impact on your productivity.
* Partnering with technical engineers from your company's system environments such as EMC, IBM, Hewlett Packard and Dell allows for de-commission and re-commission your data systems while maintaining full system warranties. Finally Technology Team
* Verifies every component is connected and communicating properly so your employees are back to work day one, hour one, minu