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About Us

DPR started its first year with a total of 11 professionals. In addition to ?D, P and R,? the original crew included Sandy Grayson, Michele Leiva, Eric Lamb, Peter Salvati, Jim Washburn, Mark Bartley, Brad Des Jardin and Jim Dolen?seven of whom are still with the company today. Much like the hundreds of projects DPR has completed over the years, the company has grown at a breakneck pace, with regional offices established in nearly every major technology center in the U.S. that serve customers throughout the nation. DPR also reached the $1 billion mark in less than 10 years since its founding. Since 1997, it has continued to rank in the top 50 general contractors in the country. In 2013, it reached $2.5 billion.

When asked what he considered to be the most successful moment at DPR, Doug answered, ?We?ve had a lot of great successes, but I can?t think of one defining moment, because we?re not done yet. As the company continues to move forward, new opportunities constantly arise.