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Airthings America, Inc.


Air Quality-Indoor

About Us

Airthings is on a mission to ensure people take control of their indoor air quality through simple, sustainable and accessible technology solutions – making radon & air quality solutions an essential, universal element of every building or home. Our vision is to be the global benchmark of air monitoring and control - setting the agenda on how air impacts our life and how to act on it.
Our Story: Every idea starts with a problem: radon testing for homeowners hadn’t improved in almost 30 years. Several scientists working together at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) saw a gap in the radon market—or more like a deadlock. Traditionally, consumers only had two options: call a professional to test their radon levels, or purchase a single-use charcoal test which was then sent to a lab for the results. We started Airthings to break free from these traditions and put consumers, as well as business owners back in control of their indoor air quality. From there, we saw that there were other dangers hiding in the air we breathe, not only radon but other contaminants. We went to work researching these contaminants and finding ways that we could help not only consumers, but offices, schools and HVAC professionals make safer air quality decisions for the masses.

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