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About Us

As one of the largest aircraft modification companies in the US, GDC Technics is recognized as a leader in new aircraft modifications. We are leading the industry by modifying the first two B787s with in-house capabilities to engineer, manufacture, install and certify major structure and system modifications.

Our global strategic expansion will ensure that GDC Technics facilities are within four flying hours of our customers. By the end of 2016 our satellite facilities in the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia will be fully established.

A 144,600-square-foot hangar that can simultaneously house a B747-8i and a B787 Dreamliner, with room left over for smaller aircraft. Fully-equipped private offices for clients' exclusive use during their stay. In-house engineering, maintenance, avionics, design and fabrication departments.

Approximately 650 employees with 120 structural, electrical and mechanical systems engineers, plus analysts, program managers, master mechanics, interior designers, security officers, fabricators and artisans. In-house. Experienced. Dedicated.

Your project is secured by staff that have passed FBI background checks and hold U.S. government secret clearance. Dedicated GDC officers provide 24/7 patrol and monitor state-of-the-art digital surveillance systems.


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