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International Aerospace Coatings


Aircraft Servicing & Maintenance

About Us

IAC - International Aerospace Coatings LLC offers state-of-the-art systems for air movement and environmental control. Additionally, this facility is outfitted with back shops and handles interior completions services for commercial and VIP aircraft. The hangar can house up to a B747-400 aircraft.
IAC has been making news since 2005.
IAC ensures quality paint outcomes that outpace the competition and downtimes that set the industry standard. You get the imaging quality you need and your fleet back in the air much faster—in as little as 7 days per aircraft.
Astute airline companies benefit from IAC’s unique position in the industry and value-added range of services:
Possesses the only AS9100-Certification of all aircraft painting companies in the United States
Boasts a 20+ year success story painting and imaging more than 10,000 aircraft of all makes and models
Provides paint services to major aviation brands, including United, Delta, Southwest, Air France, British Airways, Air Canada and more
Employs expert painters with deep-rooted knowledge of paint chemistry, color lay and graphics application
Trains and tests technicians to meet and surpass FAA requirements in aircraft prep and paint micro-application processes
Operates thirteen