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CSI Renovations & Roofing has been proudly serving customers with their roofing needs in the Fort Worth area for 17 years. Our commitment to local business is on display every chance we get. In fact, we welcome you to read some of our letters of recommendation. When a commercial roof is beyond repair or restoration, or upon the building owners request we can install a re-roofing system. This can be done by a complete tear off or a roof overlay (depending on the building age, previous application, and time-frame).

CSI was founded with the guiding principles of absolute quality and a continuous drive to exceed our client’s expectations. The modern construction environment has numerous consumer pitfalls due, in part, to scrupulous companies that cut corners and take advantage of customers.

Our company solely believes in providing our clientele with as much information as possible to allow an informed decision backed up by three decades of residential & commercial roofing experience to ensure that a product of the highest standards is delivered to each and every homeowner or business owner. Whether looking for a roofer for your home, or replacing the roof on your office or commercial building; CSI is committed to making you happy.

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