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Lawrence Jenkins Pictures



About Us

Private. Public. Out-of-the-box. Fun. Wild. Crazy. 

What's your vision?

Edgy. Racy. Simple. Pure. Magical.

Your vision is just that. It's yours.

Lawrence Jenkins is committed first to understanding you - and your dreams for your event.

Then he captures it.

The results of the collaboration between you, the visionary, and Lawrence are magical.

Lawrence's professional career spans more than 20 years - eight of those at The Dallas Morning News.

Now a freelance photographer and videographer, Lawrence has done work for The Washington Post, The Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Independent School District, American Airlines, 7-Eleven Corporation, Sodexo, Alcon Laboratories, General Motors, and a host of other media organizations and corporations.

Your event will be personal. Touching. Memorable.

So will your images.

Together, you and Lawrence will create an unforgettable experience.