About Us

Fluxtown Productions is dedicated to great storytelling. We are upfront with our pricing and have offerings that suit all budgets.

From six second ads to feature length films, we have done it all. We know what is required to best tell your story, and we build each project's team based on your specific needs. We have created videos literally overnight when the need arises, but our normal production schedule will have the finished videos in your hands 2-4 weeks after the process begins.

We carefully built our team with one thing in mind - creating top-of-the-line video content at accessible prices and with a no-nonsense process.

At Fluxtown Productions we know that your time is valuable, and so is your sanity. With this in mind, we have created Standard Video Tiers that the vast majority of our projects fall into. Additionally, we offer Subscription services that are designed to help you stay on budget.

We are passionate about what we do. And what we do is find your stories and tell them well.

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