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Branded Swag & Design

The fact that eighty-nine percent of consumers can recall the advertiser on branded swag, or promotional products they’ve received is impressive. The ability for a consumer to relate brand to promotional product creates an opportunity for any organization to gain and retain new clients or customers, through consistent brand exposure.

Logo design and the message a logo intends to deliver will ultimately become an ambassador to any brand intending to leave an impact. The Print Heads logo, for example, includes many qualities that contribute to our overall brand strategy.

Let’s begin with the colors contained within the Print Heads logo. Cyan, yellow, magenta and key, also known as CMYK, is a subtractive color model used to describe the printing process itself. They’re vibrant, subtle, masculine, feminine, persuasive, but most of all, they all work together; those characteristics are also represented by the lion, the wolf, and the gorilla. These animals were chosen because of what they represent. They are to their pride, pack or band what CMYK is to the print world.

??The SWAGsperts here at Print Heads are all about coupling a great logo design with impactful promotional products, like stainless steel tumblers, t-shirts, snap back hats, or reusable tote bag