Professional Caretakers, Inc.


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About Us

Being able to stay home during a health issue, short or long term, provides a sense of peace, privacy, familiarity, and safety.

Asking for care may not be the easiest thing to do, but is is the most thoughtful action you can do for your family and friends. Care & Compassion is the heart of who we are. Caring for a senior, a young adult with challenges, family member with early dementia, or after surgery are some examples that Professional Caretakers know and understand. Numerous situations effects one's lifestyle, and its why we started our business over 30 years ago. These relationships become very dear to our heart, and we strive to be our best for you.
Working with families to meet their loved ones needs requires direct communication, flexible schedules and patience. Our staff and caregivers are trained to meet the expectations of family and patient. We work closely with you, an extra pair of eyes and ears, to share behavioral and other symptoms & changes.
Companion sitting is another example of how we can be of service to you for any reason.

Transportation to and from Doctor appointments is another helpful service.

Our hourly rates are competitive and reasonable.
Hours for service can be (1) hour, up to 24, overnight stay

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