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About Us

Topographic is a complete-service specialist in land surveying and mapping for traditional and emerging energy technologies. But its unique promise is the perfect blend of old meets new, tradition with modernization. It is a company that delivers on its three keystones of loyalty, innovation and legacy. The topographic family brings its clients the tested value of historical knowledge and traditional customer service values, but with all of the investment value of innovative technologies producing best-in-class results.

A Message From Our CEO

Since 1958, we?ve measured our success the same way, by the success of our customers. Our founder had a vision to change the way oil field surveying was conducted through the use of cutting edge technology. It?s a vision we continue to follow to this day. By investing in technology, our people, and most importantly, our customers, Topographic has grown from a small regional firm to an organization that services some of the largest energy customers in North America.

Our commitment to you: to provide industry-leading surveying services with a focus on safety, speed, compliance, and quality. Whether it?s oil and gas, wind power, transmission lines, or whatever your survey needs, you can trust Topographic has the equipment, manpower and experience to deliver the results you expect and deserve.

I invite you to take a closer look at Topographic. For more than 50 years we?ve excelled at helping our customers build the energy industry?s backbone. See what we can do for you.

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