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As our young leadership guides us into the future, our timeless values and standards will continue to be the benchmark by which we measure our success: integrity in all things, service to our community, a keen responsibility to our clients and colleagues. The Underwood Law Firm, P.C. (“Underwood”) has been providing legal services to the people of Texas since 1912. With a solid foundation in the long-standing traditions of excellence and commitment to the highest ethical standards, Underwood is a respected legal provider in the community and the state. With offices in Amarillo, Fort Worth, Lubbock, Plano, Hereford and Pampa, Underwood enjoys the confidence of some of the largest employers in the area and the respect of distinguished firms and leaders throughout Texas.

The Underwood Law Firm represents individual, corporate, business, and institutional clients in litigation, legislative, administrative, and business matters. Each section of the firm is comprised of partners and associates who have specialized experience in their area of practice. Frequently, the expertise of more than one section of the firm is required. In these instances, a team approach is employed. Many Underwood attorneys have experience in a number of practice areas and serve as general counsel to the firm's clients. The Underwood Law Firm is aware of the necessity to acquire expertise in developing areas of the law and adds new areas of practice when needed.

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